During the latter half of 2013, the Roleystone Men's Community Shed in conduction with Scripture Union Youth Workers, Joyce Arnott and Stuart Hight, started the Roleystone YouthShed. This was started as part of Roleystone Men's Community Shed commitment to help and guide the youth of Roleystone, as stated in our Shed Charter. The first session was dedicated to skate board building, this being achieved by the purchase of several kits by Stuart and Joyce. About a dozen young members of the community took part in the first course, which resulted in many well constructed and beautifully crafted skate boards to tackle the new Skate Park in Roleystone.

Following the success of this first course, we started another in April 2014, this course being expanded to include bicycle maintenance, glass making, leather work and, of course, skateboard building. The courses cost parents/guardians $30 plus the cost of any materials. For joining and full details of courses and costs, parents/guardians should contact Elain Magowan on 0402 844 100 or email her at

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Home Repairs 
In late September 2013 the Roleystone Men's Shed was contacted by the Armadale Kelmscott Lions Club seeking assistance to repair a house in Roleystone in which a lady was living in less than ideal conditions. The eaves were open all around the house allowing possums and other forest animals to enter the roof space. Wall panels internally were missing or broken, architrave was missing around doors and windows and the bathroom was open to the elements in places.

After some delay due to a search for funds for material costs the work started in mid November. The first major task was to close off the eaves all around the house and locate the entry and exit point for the possum or possums. This was found to be above an air-conditioning compressor. A suitable piece of fibre cement sheet was cut to size and pre-drilled for easy installation later. A shed member visited the house in the evening when the possum was likely to be out of the roof space and installed the cement sheet. A considerable noise early the next morning indicated that the possum had returned and was not particularly happy at being refused entry!

The next stage was to repair or replace missing plaster board panels on the internal walls. Due to the age of the house the original panels were of the type which mixed plaster with horse hair, hemp or sometimes coconut fibre. As these panels are no longer available they were replaced with 10mm gyprock plaster board. As the original sheets were thicker than modern gyprock sheets this made it difficult to plaster the joints. As each coat of plaster had to dry before application of subsequent coats many visits to the property were necessary during the next two months during which time ceiling cornice was also fitted. Fitting of architrave around doors and windows internally and externally and also fitting skirting board where necessary followed the completion of plaster work. The final stage of the work entailed installation of water proof cement sheet in the bathroom and generally making the room weather proof.

The members of the Men's Shed who worked on the project did more work than originally anticipated but were finally limited by the funds available. However, the house was left in a considerably better state than when first visited enabling the lady of the house to live in much more comfort than had been the case in the past. Overall the project took approximately 4 months and more than 25 visits to the house.

As the Project Manager (by default), I would like to thank all those members who contributed to the project particularly Ron Fisher, Bill Schoondergang, Kris Granheim, David Hawke, Phil Sinclair, Andrew Hodson, Terence Dawson & George Kostanski. Other members assisted on several occasions or donated materials for the project. Thank you all. Ken Lake

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The middle of November last year, a former teacher at the old Primary School, Karen Wishart, approached the Shed with a request to build three bookcases as “my house is overflowing with books and all in odd little bookcases around the house”. Calling upon the skills of our preeminent woodworker, Kris, with lots of help from David, they set about producing three custom made bookcases for Karen. I’m pleased to report the results was excellent and in Karen’s last email, “Thank you all again for my lovely book cases – they are already full!” Well done Kris and David.


Over Christmas and New Year 2014, the Shed embarked on saving a piece of history for Ted & Helen Schaefer. A sign that had marked the entrance to their farm of 40 years was saved by their children when the farm was sold. As a token of their love for their parents, the children asked us if we could do something with it for their 59th wedding anniversary. The bench you see below is the result of the Shed’s woodworking skills.

Ted and Helen Schaefer and daughter Catherine IMG_0887

Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group 
November 2015, Shane Hunter of Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group, approached the Shed to see if we could modify a new twin axle trailer to carry plants for them. Shane told us they had been given a grant to buy the trailer and construct a framework to carry new plans whilst protecting them from wind and damage. Our expert metal work Shedder, Colin, produced the trailer seen below. A handing over ceremony was held at Fancote Park in Kelmscott, where a cheque from the Suez company was presented. Also in attendance was Armadale Council Mayor, Henry Zelones JP.

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Fixing Things! 
Here’s Kris and Bill deep into refurbishing a chair that took a tumble off a table whilst the floor was being cleaned recently! This is one of the numerous jobs that have walked in through the door over the past year. Without the skills and dedication of Shed members like Kris and Bill, we would be hard pressed to make the Shed a success. Well done guys!


Wheelchair Ramp 
After receiving a call for help from Barbara Rendell, to construct a new wheelchair ramp for their new home, Shed member Bill set to work producing the item below in double quick time, delivering it the same day. Barbara posted this on our Facebook page - "Thank you so much for making the fantastic wheelchair ramp for my new front door, it fits perfectly and so quickly done! Thanks guys! xxxx"


Roley Courier 
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Donation for Policeman 
This month, as part of our supporting the recently injured Policeman, the Shed donated one of our signature BBQs to be raffled at the Roleystone Country Club. The proceeds will go towards the monies being raised for him. If the raffle is still open, now's your chance to get a very useful gadget and help support a member of our local Community.


Furniture Refurbishment 
Last month a local Roleystone resident brought us a roll top desk in some need of repair. After a lot of gluing and replacement of the inner working parts, it went to be 'French Polished' to complete the job. The pictures are of the unit after reconstruction and finally finished.

IMG_2031 IMG_20171002_090108

Chair Refurbishment 
Another chair to repair! A local resident brought this item in looking decidedly the worse for ware, but this was the end result.

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Roy's 14th Cubby House 
Today the RMCS delivered another Cubby House to a local resident. This model was Roy's fourteenth construction since he started building cubby houses, whilst with the Rotary organisation. Needless to say, this was one of his best constructions to date, the cubby including a custom "shop window" in one side of the construction. We hope the new small occupants have a great time imagining all sorts of play situations in their new "Cubby".

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